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Ranjan Acharya

Dear List,

We have a customer with two FactoryLink ECS 6.5.0 systems running on Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 6. The applications use the built-in dBASE IV functionality (i.e., no external databases).

One of the systems is relatively new and the other has been in place for a few years.

Just recently both systems started exhibiting system errors. Normally first thing in the morning (one or two shift operation with no night shift, but server and WebClients always left running 24/7).

We went on site early in the morning and noticed that the database browsing no longer appears to work. Almost as if database browsing functionality goes to sleep.

I have not gone any further than that (e.g., looking into database error tags, verbose logs and so on). A test system is about to be set up and the FactoryLink Tier 1 Support HTE has been contacted.

BH_SQL access to the databases still works and there are multiple mailboxes.

The systems are non-patched in terms of FLink 6.5.0.

Has anyone seen this error before?


I had a similar problem sometimes ago on one of my hosts. You're running SP6 for NT and I think this is your problem. I has been working on over 25 different computers with different configuration and found SP4 for NT is most stable with FL650 without patches.


Ranjan Acharya

Thank you for the reply.

Both machines were migrated from a Domain architecture to a plain server architecture (one was a PDC and the other was a server; no back-up DC / BDC). The Domain architecture was using SP4 and the new architecture is using SP6a. Before anyone asks why, the system was isolated and had to be tied into the corporate domain.

For all other readers, Linux is, unfortunately not an option. Not in a box, not with a fox.

I will propose re-jigging the systems with NT Server (standalone) 4.0 with SP4.

Thanks Again

USData used to have a set of patches for 6.5 and 6.6 on their web site. They have removed them for some unknown reason. Your TOP still has access to them, i think.

The D-base IV historian does not use much from the OS other than the file system. I'm not sure if it was 6.04 and/or 6.5, but one of these releases did not work right with NTFS.

I would look through the available patches before changing back the OS level.

The dates I have on a 6.5 system that i may have patched three years ago ( i can bearly remember what i had for breakfast this morning ) are:

db4_hist.exe 381k 1/20/1998
dbbrowse.exe 180k 1/20/1998

Jay Kirsch