Factorylink dongle battery replacement?

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Patrick Beckett

Dear List,

I have a dead Factorylink version 4.4 development dongle. I believe the battery is dead. Sadly, USDATA no longer support the hard key
protection, and the only option recommended is an upgrade. All I want to do is about 2 hours development on a old working runtime system.

Does anyone know of a replacement battery which will work in the dongle?

The information on the battery is as follows:

DALLAS registered
9438 392AB

It is a coin-type, diameter approx 17mm and height approx 6mm.
Any help would be most appreciated


Patrick Beckett
Merlin Systems Limited
[email protected]
In four easy words -- you have a problem.

The Dallas Semi DS1425 not a battery. It is (or in
your case _was_) a software authorization system.

The device had a unique 64bit serial number and three 384 bit ram fields. The datasheet for the thing is at

If USData won't support it, I don't know what you can do, other than letting the rest of our community know about the problem. That helps us -- doesn't do much for you.

Good Luck,


Ferran Arumi

Hi Patrick,

I've used this type of protection for my own programs several years ago, and I think that you _can't_ do any trick to "change" the battery:

This type of button keys have an embedded Lithium battery (that you can't change), and a unique serial number inside it, then the protection is the button itself, and the connector where you place it is only this: an stupid connector.When the battery in the button is dead, the protection is dead, too. :-(

Hope it helps (or not...)

Best regards
Ferran Arumi
Electronics Engineer.

Edwyn Treflan

Working on it Patrick.

Had the same problem years ago with sattscope. Convinced them (Satt at the time) that legally it was their responsibility. But you've tried that I'm sure ;-)