FactoryTalk View ME Motor Control Parameter Lists


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I have created an add-on in Rslogix 5000 v19 called MotorStarterControl that will be used for 20 or so motors. I have created a Controller tag for each such as M1_1, M1_2, M1_3 etc.. Each has bools such as Start, Stop, Safety.

In Factorytalk View ME, I want to use a single pop-up to control these motors. I have my PLC set up as PLC1 in RSlinx. In HMI Tags, I have defined a separate string for each motor for identification at the top of the pop-up, String1 = M1_1, String2 = M1_2, etc

I now define a parameter list for each motor:

M1_1 contains: #1= String1, #2=[PLC1]M1_1:Start, #3=[PLC1]M1_1:Stop, #4=[PLC1]M1_1:Safety

M1_1 contains: #1= String2, #2=[PLC1]M1_2:Start, #3=[PLC1]M1_2:Stop, #4=[PLC1]M1_2:Safety

Is this the correct way to set up the parameter lists application to correctly read/write the plc variables?