FactoryTalk View Studio SE project to a FactoryTalk View Client SE on Industrial PC


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Dear All,

Situation: An Engineering Station (ES) which is a laptop with FactoryTalk Studio SE and a project file ProjectNew.apa [FTStudioSEView build 8.00.00 CPR9SR7 / Windows7ProfSP1]

An Industrial PC (IPC), with windows 7 professional, with a HMI screen (no panelview plus, just a plain display) with FactoryTalk View Client SE on it. [FTStudioSEView build 8.00.00 CPR9SR7 / Windows7ProfSP1]
On this PC there is a ProjectOld.cli which seems to be a product of something unknown to me and is the runtime file for the HMI.

PLC-rig is a 2x(Controller-CommModule1-CommModule2-RedundancyModule) + remote I/O rack. 1 CommModule for the ring. Other for connections to e.g. IPC with HMI or my ES (which is only connected during commissioning)

My question is: How do I get this ProjectNew.apa to become a runtime file on the IPC?

As far as I tried thus far, the following:

ProjectNew.apa immigrated by usb stick from ES to IPC. Restore project in Application Manager. Open FTViewClient. Create New. Choose destination folder and name. And her is my predicament. It seems like it is always referring to the ProjectOld and it is not able to assign reference to ProjectNew.

Am I misinterpreting something? Is it referring to a TopicName perhaps? As the TopicName is equal to ProjectOld.

Any enlightenment on the relation between .apa and .cli would be great. As I can find in the manual how to create a .cli but not how to get my ProjectNew to be a sourcefile for it.