Failed Siemens S7-200 replacement


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Found a Siemens S7-200, CPU224 with a bad output. I was able to replace it with a redundant one we had with the same program in it. We don't have the programming software, but when I get a new one, will I be able to just remove the memory card from the old one and install it in the new one and power it up? I didn't see a great answer in the manual.


Gabriele Corrieri

Hello MPAC

I'm a programmer and user of S7 200 from several years, and, by my experience your CPU hasn't a memory card, you could check if is a true memory card, or slot cover, or a backup battery (I'm think that is only a slot cover).

You need simply an rs232 to rs485 converter (the S7-200 PPI port is RS485) with an USB to serial adapter (I've tested various USB to RS232 without any trouble) and MicroWin software that is avaiable in a demo version for 60 days at this link:

(due to limitation of plain text emails such as one please re-assemble the entire link in a text editor such as notepad)

The worst case could be that the original software developer has protect its work by a password ... this could be a problem ... in every case you can write to me @ gabriele.corrieri(at)