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Curt Wuollet

Hi all;

I inherited responsibility for programming Robots here at Heartland. The later Fanuc models speak Karel and that's going well. We have three old Lathe Tender robots, Fanuc Robot M Model 0 that suffer from the worst documentation that I have ever seen. They are programmed through the teach pendent only and are much like a NMC setup with G codes, F codes, S codes, etc. That's fine,
except there are rules that aren't in the book and they neglect how to delete a program, edit a program, or write a program. Other than that the programming docs are just fine. What I need
is any decent information on these or about 10 minutes with someone who has done these things. I have it working, but I get errors that aren't explained, etc. I could save a lot of time
with some expert help.


Curt Wuollet, Heartland Engineering (my day job)
I am currently a student at Spokane Community College, in Spokane, WA. I am currently enrolled in the Electrical Maintenance program and I'm in my last quarter of school. My question to you is, have you found any more info on the FANUC Robot M Model 00. I am currently in the process of putting in a new PLC(a Allen Bradley SLC 503) and I was just curious if you found any information on this machine. Thank you for your time.
Tim Baltz