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Bernini Mentore

Navigating through the internet you will find some FAQ about generators: What an AMF Panel is? What an AMF Panel does? What about the differences in between AMF and ATS..Hope you appreciate some notes written by me...

An AMF panel (Automatic Mains Failure) is the ideal choice in cases where you have to control a Genset that is connected to the Mains in a standby configuration. In other words a system that is normally waiting for a failure of the Mains Power. The AMF panel is fitted with an electronic board that manages, in a fully automatic way, the connection assignment of the LOAD to MAINS or GENERATOR. The panel includes an automatic battery charger and a set of power relays that interface directly with the engine. Normally an AMF panels have to include a genset controller also. The electronic controller (or genset controller) are conveniently tasked with driving the Power Contactors (Circuit breakers), start/stop & protect the engine. Despite the fact that the power configuration and general arrangement is the same for all panels, the input output lines for the engine connection and ancillary equipments depends on the type of controller fitted to the panel (SAE1939 or mechanical). The size of the circuit breakers capacity and wires defines the required Power rating of the panel. Terminal blocks & connectors are provided for the connections of all parts. Ancillary devices are normally provided, example: RS485-MODBUS-RTU serial interface, remote control, monitoring systems, Modems, Internet connection TCP-IP and so on. The Electric Panel is normally manufactured of steel and coated with industrial grade high-performance paint. Available sizes on the market are normally in the range 10-1000kVA. Normally AMF PANELS up to 250kVA use power contactors. Over 250kVA the use of motorized circuit breakers is mandatory. Next article will clarify the differences between AMF and ATS and I will describe the general characteristics of AMF panels used for 'home generators'.

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