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Michael Griffin

Can anyone recommend a Profibus DP slave I/O module with fast analogue I/O? I am looking for: 1) One input and one output (0-10V). (This could be two separate devices). 2) 8 bit resolution is good enough. Accuracy would be of the same order. 3) 2 milli-second or less conversion time. The speed of this device is important, and is the difficult thing to find. Most analogue I/O is much slower than this. I can sort through the other specs (e.g. input and output impedances) later once I have narrowed the field a bit. Signal conditioning could be added if required. The device may be located inside an enclosure, or externally (this is not decided yet). The input will be connected to a potentiometer and the output will send a command signal to a servo valve in a welding application. I've looked at what Siemens and Beckhoff offer, and would be interested in any other suggestions. ********************** Michael Griffin London, Ont. Canada [email protected] **********************

Alastair Fordyce

Have a look at for their XI/ON Profibus-DP product range. This is similar in principle to the Beckhoff product but may have the characteristics that you are looking for. Your minimum hardware configuration would be Profibus bridge, bus refreshing module, analog input, analog output. 24Vdc supply required. Alastair Fordyce A.IPENZ, REA, NZCE,CQA Systems Engineer Bremca Industries Limited PO Box 7169 Christchurch NEW ZEALAND tel +64 (3) 332 6370 fax +64 (3) 332 6377 e-mail [email protected]

Alex van Dalen

Hello Michael, I can recommend you the VIPA products. For your application one SM234 with 2x AI(0-10V) and 2x AO(0-10V) for the Profibus DP connection you need the IM253DP. We have used this many times. VIPA is located in Germany internet address I'm not a employee of VIPA. Alex van Dalen