fast liquid level sensor


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Stéphane Mottelet

I am looking for a fast liquid level sensor to implement an anti-slosh system for a fluid transport device. The frequency bandwith has to be wide enough, and if possible the sensor should be interfaceable with a PC104 onboard system. Thanks in advance
Hello Stéphane Mottelet It took a little while for your request to sink in. I think you are looking for something that indicates when the fluid starts to "wave" in a tanker? You could use our point level switch - activation is instant. But - that may indicate only a hit at a specific level. SO - If fluid hits this level ( on / off ) with or without time delay then that would work. Our continuous level model 1 to 10 VDC or 4 -20 installed in a slosh shield to buffer the wave would be ideal. You could then have a real time wave action indication. Request some dimensions and I would be happy to quote. Thanks Bob Hogg