fault detection in induction using artificial neural networks


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I do the project in above said topic, I have some doubt regarding this project, i hope u help me

This project mainly depends on Artificial Neural Network. I select current & speed as input vector, I finding the insulation & bearing conditon of the motor (on line).

My doubt is how we calculate numerical value of insulation & bearing condition of the motor?

further you have the doubt, I attach my project detail thro' the mail

I await your possible reply.
Thank you sir.
yours faithfully
This project seems impossible. To know the condition of bearings and insulation, means you have to know many variables, e.g. mechanical load on the motor, speed, thermal properties, insulation material properties, environmental conditions, etc. You could make some of the variables constant and then may be you'd have a chance. Perhaps you can only estimate based on life history of certain motors. Or run numerous life tests on real motors and come up with a mathematical model. Good luck.


Ali Reza Fereidunian

Dear kannan,

I've had some experiences with neural nets. If you describe your project in more detail, I may have comments for you.

You can email your further information to me at: [email protected]

Good luck,
Ali Reza Fereidunian