Feed problem with DDE data in Excel


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Graeme Almond

I have 2 sheets that contain about 30,000 formulas with 12,000 of those being DDE formulas. The sheets are about 1900 rows deep and 14 columns wide. I open the sheets and all works perfectly with the data flow perfect with no delays. The problem starts when I "Sort Descend" a sheet. Then the CPU maxes out and stays that way until I close down the sheets and re-open. Then if I do sort descend it maxes out again. All the columns are locked together with sort filter so all rows move together when you sort the rows.

So all I have to do "sort Descend" once only and the CPU goes into overload causing the data flow to slow down by 10 fold because the CPU is maxed out. Processor is a Quad 4. (only one core maxes out as I assume Excel is not spread over the 4

Any comments would be much appreciated.

Hi Graeme,

Have you found any solution/workaround for this? I'm experiencing a similar problem. in that I have a worksheet with hundreds of DDE links that work fine until I sort by a column, after which, DDE updates are slowed by at least 15 seconds across the board. Please let me know if you have found any resolution to this - I'm looking everywhere.