Feeder Tripping


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Feeder 1 has been having tripping several times a day for change of frequency (50 to 52). Sometimes on the same day and on different time we had feeder 3 tripping also.

Also we had Feeder 1 tripping at 31.7 Kv and feeder 3 at 31.2 kv. Site supervisor claimed it as being high bus voltage. Actually it was not because the tolerance is 30 +/- 10%.

Our power system is connected to client's TX at 220 kv/30kv through a client's 30Kv switchgear.

Client's responsibility for those event is ruled out. Client is experiencing high demand and shortage of 700 mw so no increase of frequency and also since only one feeder was tripping for high bus voltage that can't be claimed on client.

Why would this feeders trip within tolerance what causes the change of frequency mostly in feeder 1.

Thank you