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Hey, I'm doing a project that invloves a festo fc34 compact and simple machine. The aim is to control the machine via a web page. I have successfully downloaded the webserver on to the PLC and I'm lead to believe that the next step is to put a webpage on to the web server but i can't find any resources on how to do this.

If anyone has any idea how to go about this or has had any similar experiences and could shed some light on the matter it would be greatly appreciated.


Friedrich Haase

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Do you use the FST software to program the FC 34?

Anyway, usually the FC 34 Web server contains a default page which you should see in your browser (Mozilla or IE). Enter the URL http://192.168.1.xxx or whatever the IP address of your FC 34 might be.

Else I think you need a default HTML page. Create plain text file (not Word) and name it index.htm. This is the name of the typical root page. Following the contend

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

<P>Hello world!</P>


Transfer this small file to the FC 34 (drive C: or B:, I'm not sure what you have.)

Hope this helps
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The next step is to load your web pages with the main page named "Main.htm" (The default page of the FEC is "Index.htm" and the O.S. will load this page if it does not find a "Main.htm"). For this, you can use the FTP tool of the software FST and load pages on B:

Take a look to our web at http://www.festo.com

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perhaps a coincidence, but I'm also doing a project with a festo fec fc34-mwt at the university of Jönköping in Sweden. I'm an exchange student from Belgium and I'd like some advise or maybe some pointers to start with. Anything is welcome!!!