Fetching Data from Wago PLC Using DNP3 Through a Modem


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I want to fetch Wago 750-8202-0025-001 PLC data using GSM modem (Tainy GMOD S3 at PLC Serial port) and Moxa G2110 GSM modem at SCADA side. PLC has DNP3 protocol.

I have configured Tainy GMOD S3 Modem as TAM (terminal Adapter mode) and Moxa Modem as CSD using AT command; Baud rate for both side i have configured 19200, 8 bit, none parity. In PLC side GSM modem i have configured ATS0=1 command for auto receiving call.

now when i am calling PLC modem from SCADA side using ATD command connection has established but after that I don't know how to get PLC data? is there any other command to get PLC data?

SCADA side I am using Axon DNP3 serial master simulator.

please give me some detail how to get PLC data.