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Andre Pablo G. Fausto

HI, Can someone please recommend what type of fiber optic cable specs is required if the cable is to be clamped down beneath the surface of a flowing fresh water tunnel? Regards, Andre Pablo "Apaul" G. Fausto Nayon Kontrol Systems 354 (44) Quezon Avenue Quezon City, Philippines Tel. +63 2 4485074 Fax. +63 2 4485077

karunakaran Ashok

HI, You have not mentioned the water depth, and the length of the underwater cable. Nevertheless,you need to consider at least some of the following 1) The type of insulation 2)Type of mechanical protection (Armouring/sheathing)) 3)The type of protection proposed by the vendor for prevention of water ingress.Vendors of subsea cables hae several construction features for all the above points. 4)the basic specification for the fibre optic cable remains more or less the same whether it is installed on shore or under water and is determined by the communication link type, distance,type of electronics chosen at either end .The major differences are with respect to the mechanical parameters. Unfortunately I have not come across any standard specification covering the requirements of underwater cables. 5) In view of the above the best way forward for you would be to get in touch with some of the subsea cable vendors like Pirelli, Fujikura, Furokawa, ABB, Alcatel etc. I am sure that their local reps in your area would be more than willing to discuss your application requirement and advise suitable products for your use.