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What is the minimum standard distance between any electrical cables and fiber optic cable?

Russ Bartels

>What is the minimum standard distance
>between any electrical cables and fiber
>optic cable?

There is no minimum, unless you consider the temperature. However, if your electrical lines are hot, you have other problems.

curt wuollet

Since FO is non conductive and they don't interfere with each other, it should be a non-issue unless the FO has a conductive shield or armor.


david mertens

The only thing to watch out for is that the FO cables don't get crushed or damaged in any other way by the laying of the electrical cables as these can sometimes be very heavy and cumbersome to put in place.


David Herrell

Adding to the comments already provided, the US nuclear industry guidance in IEEE Std 384-2008 is that there are no requirements for separation between fiber optic cables, even between normally separated safety divisions. However, if the fiber optic cables are expected to survive a fire that starts in adjacent electrical cable, the standard provides guidance for separation between the fiber optic and the possibly burning electrical cables. If operability of the fiber optic cables during and after a fire is not a concern, then separation is not a concern.