fiber-optic isolated measurements


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Hi ,

I am working on a measurements system for voltage and current. I need an high voltage isolation (5 kV) and an high sample frequency (200kHz).
For this reason I think to use fiber optic measurements.

I need an instrument for measure a voltage of 3750 Vdc. This instrument is connected to the source by a resistor for reduce the voltage of measure.

I need an instrument to measure a current of 3500 A. This instrument is connected to the source by a shunt (3500A / 60 mV).

Does anyone know where I can find an instrument for fiber-optic isolated measurements ?

Thanks in advance.

Branislav Kovac

I have a unit that could fit your application. I work for Ebco Technologies Inc. ( Our products are cyclotrons. The unit is a part of the control system for the cyclotron.

It is basically interface between high voltage area (40kV) and a PLC. Input in the unit is a standard signal 0-10 Vdc. The unit converts this signal to an optical signal that is transferred by an optical cable to the second unit that
converts optical signal back to standard signal 0-10 Vdc. As I said the unit is not stand-alone piece of equipment and is not our main product, but it could be incorporated in some other equipment. It is designed as a standard Euro-format board with DIN connector.