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Walt Boyes

Okay, all you fieldbus junkies out there, here's some breaking news _before_ Mr. Pinto writes a poem about it!<grin>

The International Electrotechnical Commission's (IEC's) "compromise" proposal for an eight-part fieldbus standard 61158 has been approved by a
large majority of voting countries, according to an unofficial tabulation of votes appearing on the IEC web site for Document 65C/223/FDIS.

Results of the voting must be documented by Bernard Dumortier, secretary of subcommittee SC65C of IEC's Technical Committee 65, and certified by SC65C chair Tony Capel, then reviewed by the IEC's Committee of Action, which had requested the revision and ballot. Observers expect an official announcement by the end of January that the eight-part standard has passed.

The balloting period ended 31 Dec. 1999. It originally was expected to end 15 Dec., but was delayed for IEC procedural reasons.

There are more details on the ISA website at:,1771,805,00.html

Now let the infighting begin!

Walt Boyes

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Walt Boyes gave us the "breaking news" on the Fieldbus standard voting, with the expectation that this strange situation merited poetry.

The challenge was instantly accepted, and the Pinto patented poetry process produced.

Read the full ISA report at :,1771,805,00.html

Or, the poetic version here (seriously, folks - you'll note that the poem quotes the ISA report

The 8-part Fieldbus Voting Fiasco

The IEC has voted - wow!
Albeit "unofficial" now....
The 8-part standard really is
Just a joke in the fieldbus biz

To make the standard fully "official"
The secretary must count and initial
It must be reviewed by the Committee of Action
Which requested the revision for satisfaction
Official announcement by end of Jan
Though it may be delayed by procedural ban

For a single standard the end-users implored
But it seems that they were simply ignored
After squabbles and threats and fits and starts
They voted on seven additional parts

The Convenor commented very sadly
That end-users were treated very badly
Multipart is no standard at all
But only a license for suppliers to brawl

This standards fiasco confuses the choices
End users simply had no voices
The ideal standard all agree
Is only described in poetry.......

©Jim Pinto
5 January, 2000
San Diego, CA.

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