Fieldbus Foundation Implementation

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* We have interest in implementing the Fieldbus Foundation in our Power Plant. I want to know if YOKOGAWA has Power Plant in Fieldbus Foundation application or who else has a similar
Fieldbus Foundation application.

* Does anybody know if any magazine of control has published who are the world automation leaders.


Ana Maria

Matthew da Silva

Hi -yes, Yokogawa has some devices in power but not for the main reactor control.

I'm not sure if it is really necessary to worry too much about the fieldbus aspect -- you should look first at the features you want and then find the device which has those.

I reckon that most major suppliers -- Rosemount, Yokogawa, Smar, us -- have the types of applications that you want and would urge you to contact the vendors direct. That way, you get the brochures and a name to ask difficult questions.

Most vendors are very keen to get people to talk about fieldbus. You shouldn't be hesitating to ask questions that will give you the answers you

Matthew Yamatake Tokyo