file transfer in c thro modem


Curt Wuollet

I would expect that nearly all file transfer is done in C in one way or another. To do this yourself you need to know how to open a port and configure it, write dial strings to the modem and what the system on the other end expects as for as a transfer protocol. This can be as simple as writing the data to the port, through x,y,zmodem to the Kermit protocol and beyond. Zmodem source is available as is kermit. For straight ascii transfer, one would merely set up the recieving
port and put a blocking read loop on it, writing the recieved data to a file. You might want to provide a little more information like from what to what, in what OS, and if you are writing the software on both ends or if you have to reverse engineer the protocol. If you have open platforms on both ends you won't have to write any code,
many free examples are available. For closed platforms the the job can vary from trivial to nearly impossible. Narrow it down a bit and I'm sure someone can help.