File transfer, RSLogix to A.I.


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Jack Dennon

Developed a small program on my shop desktop computer running RSLogix and MSWindows95 and connected to a MicroLogix1000 PLC. The program works fine. Saved the program to floppy disk using File > Save as... > Library Files[*.SLC] which put several files on the floppy disk. All the files are Ascii. Took the floppy disk to the mill and the electrician tried to load my program into his laptop running the A.I. software than he has always used to program the debarker. [My program is a new program for the debarker.] A.I. softare seems not able to make heads nor tails of it. So the question is: How should I save my program to floppy disk such that the electrician's A.I. software can make use of it? I had originally intended to buy A.I. (DOS) software (anticipating just this problem,) but was told the RSLogix software is better and there is "no problem" with compatiblility back to A.I. software. Probably there isn't; its just a "learning experience." Anyhow, any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you. [email protected]
Thank you. That works. The electrician says the ladder loads just fine. Now it is just missing the symbols and description info. Is there a way to transfer that stuff too, or do we need to key in the symbols and descriptions by hand? Thanks, we're making progess. [email protected]
Jack You should be able to export the data base directly to A.I. format. Follow the Tools > Database > Export pull down menus and select the tab for A.I. Bill Marsh Integrated Controls