Filtec FT-50B controller link to PC


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Ting Gatus

Anybody who had encountered Filtec FT-50B (Fill Level Inspector)controller? Our client wanted to integrate this to an HMI (Windows based) and I wonder which software has the ability to link this controller (this is for bottling plant). I want to use InTouch software but I can't get any IOServer for it. The controller can be link thru RS-232/RS-422 protocol. Filtec FT-50B Fill Level
Inspector is configured to run bottles, with the high-resolution encoder, centerline fibre-optic trigger and proline rejector.

I appreciated very much for any help that you can contribute.

Lewis Bodden

WonderWare has a driver tool kit that you can use to write one.

There is also a configurable driver that might be of some use.