Fiomec 31E flow computers and Koyo PLC communication failure


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We have two problems. They are below.

1) We have Reducing and metering gas stations in Turkey and in some of therse stations we use your Fiomec 31E multistream flow computers. But we would like to coonect to Fiomec 31E with our Personal computer from serial Com1 port. Do you have a software for connecting Fiomec 31E from PC?
Could you send technical documentation and software for that operation?

2) In our station Koyo PLC reads flow rates pressure and temeperature of metering line from Fiomec 31E flow computers. We have one Koyo PLC and 3 Fiomec 31E flow computers and they are connected to Koyo PLC parallely. They are communicating with RS485. Koyo PLC would like to communicate with flow computers but it cannot. At that moment I looked at the communication LEDs of flow computers, rx LEDs of flow computers are flashing but tx LEDs of flow computers dont flash. What can be our problem? We need your help as soon as possible.

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Yunus Curuk
Automation Engineer

For your first problem, you can use the software that's called HYTEL 98 produced by Digit Company.