Firing Gas Turbine MS-5001 on Diesel fuel.

Dear All
My Name is Hamza Khan. I am Working as a Trainee Operational Engineer In Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited. We have Two Gas turbines MS-5001 with a capacity of 18MW each( ISO Cond: 24.5 MW). These gas turbine has been operational on firing Gas Fuel since commissioning of plant back in 1980s. I want to make a detail study on firing gas turbines with diesel fuel. If any one, who has the information of firing GT with Diesel Fuel or how to calculate Diesel Fuel consumption per MW, kindly share some info with me, Fuel Oil Consumption Per MW Power Generation.

your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You
Hamza Khan,

Does either (or both) of the units at your site have the ability to burn diesel fuel? It would mean that the units have a Main Atomizing Air Compressor, a Booster Atomizing Air Compressor (for starting), a high-pressure liquid fuel pump, a liquid fuel pump clutch, a high-pressure liquid fuel filter, a liquid fuel stop valve, a liquid fuel flow divider, a liquid fuel bypass valve (control valve), and some sort of liquid fuel storage tank/system and forwarding pump system (to the turbine)?

There are many solenoids involved, there are also liquid fuel nozzles, liquid fuel check valve, liquid fuel purge lines and check valves, false start drain valves, and lots and lots and lots of control programming to make everything work properly.

If the unit(s) don't have any of this equipment, that also means the Mark* doesn't have the control programming and the operator interface doesn't have the necessary displays, either.

It's NOT impossible to add liquid fuel--but it IS a lot of work and requires a good deal of money.

One more thing to remember about dual fuel (gas/distillate) units is that they MUST BE operated regularly and frequently on liquid fuel to exercise the systems and devices. Just having the capability and expecting the unit(s) to transfer quickly and reliably in the event of loss of gas fuel supply pressure/flow is a recipe for big, Big, BIG disappointment.

What you need is for some reader of this thread to make and electronic copy of the 'Expected Fuel Characteristics' sub-section of the Control Specification provided with each GE-design heavy duty gas turbine control system. IF your unit has liquid fuel capability YOU can find this sub-section in Section 5, and it has lots of the information you are looking for. (I just don't happen to have one to send at this writing....)

Best of luck!