Fiscal Metering - Preferred Flow Methods


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What are the preferred flow instruments with regards to fiscal metering.
The process is unstabilised Crude Oil.

Any advice would be much appreciated...

Please find my comments as below:

There is no universal flowmeter that will be appropriate for every application. The selection process can be driven by many factors. Some of them are as below:

1. Accuracy requirements in the particular application
2. Repeatabililty requirements in the particular application
3. Price /economic constraints
4. Personal or company preference
5. Brand preference
6. Robustness or ability to work in harsh or hazardous type conditions
7. Size
8. Ease of installation

There are two other important factors , one is Viscosity and the other is flow rate.

You could also refer to API/MPMS Chapter 5, it is about flow measurement.

Hope this helps you.

we've discussed this. stick an orrifice plate in and the job will be right. No one takes any notice of fiscal these days anyway..
I am quite aware of API/MPMS chapter 5 THANKS!

Thanks for the Advice SLAMCAM, i shall set the wheels in motion to have orifice plates installed. That should be good enough?