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I'm looking for extracting a data from the existing F&P DCI System six (DCU 3200) system. Can any one help me out with the Hardware & Software requirement to extract the data? We would like to migrate this system from stage by stage basis. Hence this request.

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I experienced on F&P micro DC/I for ages. Then no sure whether i could help. The one i experience is the window-based migrated from dos-based system. Most of the configuration and control file is coding system, not a control blog. Then what you have to do is copy those control file from each DCI units, normally there is a back up on user interface machine. And print it out to connected printer. Or you can use window notepad to open the files.

Then you can get the control philosophy and algorithm by interpreting that code. after that use this as a data to implement in the new system.

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Siporn T.

Shahid Waqas

I have done a couple of upgrades of F+P DCI6 system. We tried various
methods, and the best one that we found out by our experience is as

1. Print out the program.
2. Decode the program using the manual (This would give you the algorithms and calculations)
3. Recode the system from scratch (this would provide you with the most clean system)

Alternatively, you can check with ABB, who might have some sort of upgrade program in their portfolio. Good luck!
BR, Shahid
Thanks for the reply. No we do not have ConductorNT, I presume that we need get this ConductorNT from ABB. Is this is a Hardware or Software? What should be the software version of the client libraries?

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Hi Adriel Michaud,
No! We do not have ConductorNT, I presume prabably we need to get this one from ABB? What should be the version software of client libraries of @aGlance?

thanks in advance.
The DCU3200 code is a compiled binary which can be read by the System Six operating system and stored as a text file. The text file can be edited by any text editor that does not add special characters to the code.

Care should be taken not to change major tags or structure or the code will not recompile when downloaded to the controller. Sequence logic uses structured text which is a simple if,then,else 'c' type coding using system tags.

Not a problem! You have one of the best and easiest systems to use and program on the market!
Does this DCU3200 support any open data bus such as Profibus? Can I put aside its own program (by program jump) and use it as an I/O image handler only? That means get input image of DCU3200 and send it to a Profibus output area, get Profibus outputs and send them to a DCU output image.

Thanks for the information you provided.

Our DCI System Six having a Conductor UNIX. As we are migrating the system to non ABB system, We are looking for a way to get the application program from the DCI System Six. Can we extract the tag names & its attributes from Conductor UNIX? Do we need an engineering tool to get a printout of the program?

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