FIX 6.0 to Omron


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Ronald H.

Dear forum,

Currently I'm working on a project using FIX 6.0 to control 3 phase induction motor on my campus.
I have already built a system that controls this induction motor using Omron's PLC (start, stop, brake etc).
So in advance, I want to monitor this system using Intellution FIX.
I have made its GUI and set my FIX software (using its Omron I/O driver), but my computer cannot communicate with PLC.
FYI, I have only a demo FIX 6.0 software and I didnt have its manual, so I learning it from its help file.
My questions are:
1. Can a demo FIX 6.0 software communicate with PLC?
2. How to make my computer communicate with my PLC?
3. Should I upload my ladder program first (using LSS), and then using FIX, or anything else?
4. Is there any site that can provide me with manual of FIX, or example of FIX implementation (I preferred free support)?
Thanks for the help.