Fix 7.0 Trends Not Changing


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Justin Julian


I seem to have difficulty getting a fix 7.0 Trend object working properly. My trend group plots a series of Analog Alarm and Analog Input
blocks. Upon resetting the HTC component in Mission Control, the trend screen will update once, and then continuously plot the same value
for all time, regardless of how the block values are changing.

I know that it is not a comms problem, becuase animations on an overview screen that use the self same blocks animate properly (tank levels
go up and down etc). The trends remain stationary at values obtained at last HTC reset. Even real time trend objects within the overview
screens trend the blocks correctly. Historical trend will not cooperate!

Has anyone witnessed such a bug before. Local Intellution resellers are stumped!!!
I'm using iFix 2.5, but in the Historical Assign setup there is a limit field. This will cause data not to be stored if the current value
does not change more then this number. it is used to keep the file sizes down. I'm not sure if it is called something else in 7.0, but
there probably is something like it.