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Rao Zhonghai

Dear List:
There is a project which use FIX32 for Windows NT as the HMI
software . The communication board on PC is SIEMENS CP5412(A2), The
field PLCs are 70 sets of SIEMENS S7215-2DP .
The problem is:
Does anyone know how to connect Fix32 to S7215-2DP by Profibus DP

Thanks in advance,

Rao Zhonghai

Zhao Yong Sheng

The following two methods may be helpfull:
1. Develop a program to treat the DP protocol,the program connect fix32
with DDE.
2. Develop an I/O driver Using FIX I/O driver toolkit for the
communication board and Profibus DP protocol.This method will get better

Zhao Yong Sheng
Email: [email protected]

Brendan Kirby

I'm working on a Gateway to convert from Profibus DP to Modbus. I took
advantage of a module called Anybus-S from Synergetics which made the design
pretty easy. Anyhow in order to test it I loaded up iFIX on Windows NT,
purchased a DP "master card from Synergetics as well as their OPC server
software. The interface between Intellution package and the DP slave was
pretty straight forward. (I made it tougher by running another protocol on
top of the Profibus).
I am still testing my Gateway and in order to make sure we are ready for the
euro market I am using a Siemens 315-2DP PLC (same as you) except I am using
it as a master. So far it talks nicely.
So I can assure you that a Synergetics master card and their OPC server
should solve your problem. It would seem to me that Siemens or some third
party should have an OPC server with some hooks to your present Master card
also allowing you to stay Simens all the way....
Good Luck,

Don Willbanks

I did a similar application using Intellution 7.0, Intellution S_7 driver,
and a CP5412 Comms Board to talk to a Siemens 315-2DP PLC via Profibus. I
didn't find it very intuitive to set up either the driver or the Siemens
networking software. Go to my web site at for an application note. Or
contact me via e-mail and I will send you a MSWord version of the document.
Hope this helps.
Hello There.

I've been following this conversation and I feel obliged to jump in. Are you using an S7-200 series or 300 series PLC Rao? This is important, because The "215" needs a different parameterization, because the 215 is a TI based PLC, and the only PLC from the 200 series with an integrated DP slave interface (NOT master). I think that a CP 5412 in combination with "just one" 215 is overkill. Perhaps you should try a Siemens Softnet card (CP5611?) in combination with Softnet S7. Over this you could try a SCADA package (winCC for example). You will probably also need the Step7 micro win software for parameterization of the 215.
Hope this info will help.

Best regards,

Gerard Ammerlaan
SIMATIC customer support
Siemens Nederland NV