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I have installed fix32 on Win XP and is trying to get data transferred by NetDDE to Excel. No success at all. Is it that fix32 don't work well with NetDDE?

I'm also trying to exchange data between Tridium Niagara and fix32. Is it possible at all?

Anyone has any idea to share?

Thanks in advance.
You will have to make sure that the user that is logged in on the Client application (Excel) also excists on then Fix32 computer.

On Windows XP NetDDE is not running by default. In the services window (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services) look for "Network DDE" and start the service.

In the "Fix electric books" go to the "DDE Support manual" and follow the instruction in chapter 4.2.3 to share the connection.

When Fix32 is running start the DDE server. (c:\Fix32\DMDDE)

In the Fix32 manual check for the correct syntax to use in Excel. (='\\NODE1\NDDE$'|'DMDATA.DDE'!SCADA1.AI1.A_CV)

Hope this information is useful.
NetDDE can be tricky. Make sure the Network DDE service is started at both PCs. It also helps that both machines have an account with Administrator privileges, with the same username and password on both, and that user is logged on both computers while trying to communicate fix32 with Excel.

Jeremy Pollard

You have to start the dde service from the FIX programs menu (Start -Programs- FixDir [where you installed Fix] - dde service

doesn't start automatically I think it is 'dmdde.exe'
when linking 'dmdde' is the application name

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!