Fix32 v6.1 Global picture changes


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I have an application that has several dedicated picture files with a lot of information on each showing the status of a piece of plant. I now have a near identical piece of plant to add to the system with its own PLC. I am going to use this same Fix32 server to poll the second PLC and was wondering if there was a quick way to convert/edit all the existing pictures to create a second set that now points to the second PLC tags. i.e. original picture might point to "plc1:tag1.f_cv", the new picture needs to point to "plc2:tag1.f_cv.
I can obviously produce a report for each PIC, but there doesn't appear to be an option to import a report if I use and find/replace function with a text editor.

It looks like it is going to be a long drawn out process to edit every single picture and expand each grouping very carefully.
I am no fix32 expert but the strings are probably stored as strings in the file and so a string substitution program could do the job.

Unfortunately NOT. The PIC file does not store the tags as strings. The report file does, but as I said, I can't see a way to import the produced report file.
From the Draw program, open a picture that you want to edit. From the Edit menu choose Select All, and then Search and Replace.

In the Search and Replace popup, enter "OLDNODENAME:*" in the search for box and "NEWNODENAME:*" in the replace with box. Click the Replace button.

Do this for each screen and be sure to save them as another name.

You could also use tag groups for this, but would have to edit the existing screens to support it.