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Kamath RL

I am using FIX ver 7.0 under win98 .I am having following problem. I have defined HP printer model HP840C as windows system default printer.
When I want to print a historical chart under HTD program by using Control-P command from file menu, I do not see the printing of chat does not happen. Only we the box , I informs "printing chart,Pengroup name,Page 1 of 1" appearing. But the system default printer does not list any print
jobs. Any FIX user came across such problem and any solution?
Hi Eu,
Thanks. Why do I need a DOS printer? I am able to use CONTROL+I for printing the graphic from VIEW module.Why can't I do the same for the CHART in HTD module. FIX32 runs under Windows; so atleast I hope it identifies a default printer in all modules the same way. I didn't clearly understand your reply. Can you elaborate it please
Kamath RL

D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

I don't know about the Fix side of things but I do know that when you install an HP840 in windows you are asked if you have DOS programs which
also print to that machine, if you answer yes the printer is installed and can be accessed even over a network as if it was installed for DOS on the LPT1 port.

Good Luck
Donald Pittendrigh