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Hello guys,

the level in my produced water buffer tank is reading 2.53 but the reading on the level transmitter is 0.09. Please how do I fix the error and what might be the problem. Thanks

William \(Bill\) L Mostia Jr PE


You have not provided enough information to help you. Some of the information that might be helpful includes:

1. Has the radar transmitter ever worked? New installation? If not new, what has changed?

2. What type of radar do you have, e.g. through the air or guided wave (GWR)? How is it mounted?

3. How are you determining the level in the water buffer tank, e.g. sight glass, level gauge, visual, strapping, etc. If a level gauge, what type and how is it mounted in relation to the radar transmitter?

4. What have you done so far to troubleshoot the problem, e.g. run diagnostic on the radar transmitter, verified that the radar is properly installed per the manufacturer's recommendations, checked the zero and span, etc.?

5. Where are you reading the transmitter level, e.g. at the control system, local gauge, communicator, calibrator, etc?

6. What kind of tank is involved (atmospheric or pressurized)?

William (Bill) L. Mostia, Jr. PE
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Any information is provided on Caveat Emptor basis.
2.53 what?? 0.09 what?? Feet, inches, millimeters, meters, come on help us out or we can't help you!

What does the tank geometry look like. What kind of radar level transmitter do you have and how is it mounted? Are there any internal structures in the tank?


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