Flame detectors at GE gas turbine

Hi colleagues,
I have seen different models HDGT GE gas turbines, and I am interested in to know about installation of flame detectors on sixth combustion chamber.
Why does GE install two flame detectors on sixth chamber ?

That's NOT true for ALL GE-design heavy duty gas turbines.

And it's probably only true for some units with DLN-1 combustion systems, and one of the flame detectors is looking for diffusion flame in the primary combustion zone and the second is looking for diffusion flame in the secondary combustion zone.
Hi CSA, perhaps you are right, however it was units with DLN 2.6 and DLN 2.5H and total number combustion can was six, first and second can has 0ne flame detector, but sixth has two. I would like to know what is the main reason of this thing and such design?
Only DLN-1(6B/9E unit) installed two flame detetor on a one combustion, one for the primary combustion zone and the the other for the secondary combustion zone.
The original poster is talking about the secret unit having six (6) combustors, and that would be most likely a Frame 6F/FA, which would also most likely have DLN-2.x combustors. There are Frame 3's with six combustors, but I don't think they have DLN combustors--but I've been wrong before. Belfort and Florence are doing a lot of things Greenville and Schenectady didnt'--with some good results and some not-so-good results. But, they are doing something--which is what they perceived Greenville and Schenectady wasn't doing.