Flame detectors on Gas turbines


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g.b. singh

I am facing problem with the flame detectors on
General Electric Gas Turbines. The flame detector is manufactured by Honeywell and is a conventional type Ultra violet flame detector. THe problem is that the detector mounted in one combustion chamber initially shows a very good level of intensity and then suddenly fails and its intensity drops to zero. When we remove
this detector out of the combustion chamber and test the detector by applying the flame externally it shows good intensity level.

Whether anybody has any experience of similar nature with the flame detectors on General Electric's Frame 9 gas turbines ? Any solutions ?
Recently returned from Rockingham NC where installed 5 Westinghouse 501Fs
We use 2 detectors/ 2 igniters and light from a flame tube
you wrote "initially shows a very good level of intensity and then suddenly fails and its intensity drops to zero"
What are your burner thermocouples doing ...are you flaming out?

You wrote "When we remove this detector ... it shows good"

Using Gas or Fuel Oil? ? This an initial startup?

Francus, West (IndSys, GEFanuc, Albany)

Murphy makes a good point:

Don't be quick to blame the sensor or the controller, it may be telling you the truth! You should investigate the possibility that you ARE actually losing flame. What are your temperatures doing? How clean are your nozzles? etc...

Have you replaced or swapped the sensor?

West Francus
> I think the problem is wiring ground or leaking problem ( bad wiring isolation )due to the relatively high detector vaoltage 220 vdc approx.

Which control system you have?

samir benabdallah-sonatrach-algeria

i've the same problem in a pgt25 gas turbine after replacement of flam detectors the prblem persist so in an ocasion of hot section replacement i've remarked the dust on the inner side of the combustion chamber glass so you have to remove this glass and clean it carefully whith adequate liquid and you will have the flam signal rising
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