Flame Scanner Not Showing Flame

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One Flame scanner is not showing flame in MarkVIe OWS of Frame 5 machine. DC voltage to field 315 VDC is not coming from Mark VIe panel.

Please advise what is reason for this?

You say: "... DC voltage to field 315 VDC is not coming from Mark VIe panel." Do you mean you measured it at the flame detector end of the cable only--or also at the Mark VIe terminals?

When did this problem start? During commissioning, or sometime afterwards?

Have you ensured the power cable from the I/O Pack is properly and firmly connected to the terminal board?

Have you checked all cable terminations between the Mark VIe terminal board and the flame detector--using an ohmmeter and a meggar--to be sure there is no problem with the cable?

What Diagnostic Alarms are annunciated for the flame detector I/O Pack?


Dear CSA
Thanks for your reply. We have rectified the problem. It was in Cable from control room to JB. We replaced with a new pair cable and now it is working.