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Hi. I want to know how flame scanners work? What are these AC/DC signals in them?

In order to be able to help you, we would need to know a lot more about the flame scanners in question.

Who is the manufacturer?

What is the application (boiler; combustion turbine)?

What kind of problem are you experiencing with flame scanners that makes you want to know more about how they work?

Have you tried searching the Internet for information about the flame scanners at your site, or flame scanners in general? I know www.wikipedia.org is not available in all parts of the world, but there are other sites with general information about flame scanners. Some Internet search engines work better with multiple word search terms by enclosing them in double quotations, such as "flame scanners". Some Internet search engines even accept questions, like:

how do flame scanners work?

There are several different types of flame scanners; one of the more common is Geiger-Mueller ultraviolet type which is manufactured by several companies. Most companies have a proprietary or distinctive way of interfacing with their flame scanners.

But, if you could provide more information about the flame scanner(s) you have, and if you are experiencing problems with a flame scanner if you could describe the problems you are having we might be able to provide more information. But with the information you didn't provide, we can't be of much help. We could describe one manufacturer's model in some detail, and it could turn out that the one(s) you have are completely different.