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I have an application where I want to detect for the unusual occurance of flame. Currently using UV Flame detection, which can be periodically tested, but during non testing periods, can't be sure if it is working properly. When UV detection is used to monitor a burner, when the detector fails, it shuts down the burner as if there were no flame. Due to the environment, I am limited with choices, but interested in the approach of others.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.
- John
Fugitive flame detection can be tough. I've mostly seen IR or UV used. If you are using a burner-type flame detector then it may be mis-applied, primarily due to viewing area (has to due with the optics or lens in front of the UV tube). IRIS Systems has a product called Watchdog which is usually used for process flare stack pilot monitoring (open flame, outside) and has also been used in fugitive flame applications.

Good luck.