Flash Memory Card for Panelview


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S. Broadhead

Does anyone know of a software or card reader which will allow me to upload/download panel builder 1400 (pvc) files to the non ATA memory cards used in panelviews? When I insert this type of card in my notebook it is not recognized.

Alan Rimmington

The card you are using must be a DataBook TMB240 or TMB250. The only information I have on these cards is "they cannot be setup in Windows
95 Control Panel. Follow instructions DataBook User's Guide for details of how to install the card drive." If your Panelview firmware is
3.0 or later you could use an ATA card. I have done this with a 8MB CompactFlash card in a CompactFlash to PC Card Adaptor. I recently tried
a 16MB card but the Panelview didn't like it. Main advantage of these cards is the speed of download.