Flat Panel Touchscreen Pentium IV Industrial PC's


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I am looing for a few 17" or greater Flat Panel - Touchscreen PC's, with preferably a Pentium IV, 1.6 or greater microprocessor and at least 512 MB Ram, Windows 2000, etc. let me know if you have know of any such systems available.
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You contact to your nearest Compaq dealer for
CPU Model no.: AP250
Moniter model no.: TFT8020

This will help u to get your configuration.
You should be aware of the trade-offs with
1) Poor illumination. Important if broad-
daylight visibility matters.
2) Easily damaged. Can use metal implements
to point to an icon, because you may scar
the screen's surface.
3) Needs to be recalibrated monthly.
We started off with a touchscreen as one of our
"gotta have's", but once we saw the practical
impact of all these limitations, we decided
against touchscreens.
APC Technology have an industrial 18" P4 unit with a patented Infra-Red touchscreen. We can also customise this unit for numerous variations.
To answer the earlier criticism of touchscreens.
There is the option to fit a sunlight readable display.

Because the Infra-Red touchscreen requires no process to be performed on the glass, there is no image degradation. Non-reflective glass can be used. Pointing with sharp objects can't damage the touchscreen as there's nothing to damage.
Resolution is excellent.
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