flickering of memory flags in s7-315


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hi all,

i'm using s7-315-2DP cpu...without the control from my code i found some memory flags (MB200) repeatedly flickering...so i made myself sure that i never used tat MB200 in any part of my code (using cross reference) but even though it is flickering...so for time being i have changed MB200 to MB150 n made my system work...even aft doing this MB200 is flickering....pl help me frm this issue....

Luca Gallina

case 1: check whether MB200 is set in CPU HW configuration as system clocks memory byte.

case 2: check for indirect memory assignments in your runtime program, either using indexing, AR registers or ANY pointers.
As Luca said, you've probably got the Clock set to 200. Go to the CPU in the Hardware Config and check in there.

If it's not that we'll need to know more about your program