Float switch output to a/d converter


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I'm building a small tank water indication system using float switches in the tank and using led connect to them for the output. Can I use
this output as an input to a/d converter? If not what can i do to make this output of the switches into a acceptable output?
I would rether sugest for y to connect them to digital inputs so you'll get a defined code for each position, if you have not enough inpts, you can put an encoder to reduce the # of IN's wishing that it helps you
Hello again.
The reed switch level sensor is a switch. It is either on or off and that is it. That is all it will do - "on" "off".

Again - it will not burn the switch to control a LED or NEON light. Any other light will burn the standard switch. Use a resistor only to prevent the LED from burning out and watch the polarity. If you want more than on /off then look at the web site at Continuous level indiction under products - level sensors.

It has a 3 wire voltage in/out, resistance like a gas gauge (not shown) or 4-20.

Thanks Bob Hogg
hi guyz, i'm building a small water tank to sense the water/any liquid level using any technique. as the output must be shown in pc monitor (maybe using VB) . to do this project i need to use 8031 microcontroler. since the project which im practicing is quite similar to ur project, why dont we guyz share some information and resourses.
if any of u guyz are interested plz do mail me ( "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] ) and i'll share my info with u.