Floating Approach motion control


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Alex Wei

In the project, I need to drive an object from point A to point B and the point B is the position of another motor controlled object in floating position. (two object no physical contact and maintain at specific distance) I might apply master-slave control structure to control both object. Does anyone know the tandem control can realy maintain these two object at distance and speed after approaching in the seperate distance?

shantanu apte

Hi ,

If you explain your application in little more details , I think , I can suggest few things .

Peter Nachtwey

What you are describing is a super-imposed move on top of a geared move. This is done all the time. The in these cases it is nice to have the ability to specify a super-imposed slave relative move or master relative move.
I am integrating an existing servo motor controlled test glass tube transfer conveyer. In order to apply plastic film to wrap and seal both tubes togather, the prior section of the conveyer has to speed up to drive the second tube faster to catch the first one, then two tubes can run into the wrap station to be wrap up and seal together. Since the content in the glass tubes are liquid, any pulse impact may break glass or cause the liquid spill out.