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Stefan Lung


I need to get the right values from a FloBoss 107. I'm using The Schneider Premium Processor and Unity pro. The problem is that after i managed to communicate with FloBoss, I wasn't getting the right values. I've tried to use the codes from roclink 800 (the software for FloBoss) but the values were still messed up.

For example I put the value 15 in FloBoss with roclink, and read the value from FloBoss with Unity Pro. I was getting a 2 INT value. First word was 28737 and the second word 0.

I also tried to put the value 16. The values I read were -32703 and 0. I have received this values when I used code 67 in roclink.

The address that i was reading from FloBoss with Unity was 1001? Should I use 40001 or 30001?

Should I use the scale option to scale the floating value depending on integer value?

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Stefan Lung
A former co-worker had a similar problem, I believe he solved it by changing the floating point in ROCLINK and then scaled it using Unity. I will try to contact him and find out more
Check your conversion numbers in your modbus tables. Common for floating point is 69, 72 or 39. If you have these conversion numbers wrong it gives you data in the wrong format