Flow Control "Hydraulic "

I am trying to control hydraulic flow in pipeline, please find the attached sketch.

I need your advice please if this will be the best solution or if you can recommend me the best option that will be great.
from the drawing, if solution 1 in is doable then which better, to install the flowmeter after particle sensor or before the the particle sensor?

Thank you


I agree with @Majj_23. This would not limit the total flow to the reservoir, but only the flow through the particle sensor:

Basically , there is one input to the regulator and two outputs: One is regulated to your 0.2 lpm and the other output is routed around the sensor.
Thanks @casey.little . I've tried this valve and is not working. still the flow not stable which really unexpected, when i read about this valve I was really happy as it seems its what i am looking for, it has 3 ports , In, out and excess , i put it inline and still get vary flow unfortunately. i still trying to find why