Flow measurement with hot wire ammeter


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De Maeyer Ronny

Hi all,
I would like to know if somebody has any experience with the use of hot wire ammeter to measure the airflow of a combustion airfan. The
expected flow speed is 20 to 40 meter/sec. Any comment, like brand name problems solutions etc., are welcome.

Thanks in advance


Bill Gausman

I have used thermal anemometers (constant differential) made by Staefa Control System (SM2-SVP). They work very well. Their range, however, is only 0-3250 FPM. (approx 0-15 meters per
sec). Thermal anemometers do well in low velocity applications, and pitot tubes seem to do better with high velocities.

Thermal anemometers have a non-linear characteristic, and should be linearized by some technique. I use a Model SPM-1A, made by
to linearize and then average velocity readings in an array of these sensors.

Bill Gausman
System One Control
St. Paul, MN USA
The problems with this type of meters normally occurs when the transmitter is mounted remotely from the sensor. With this setup, you'll normally encounter similiar problems to direct wire RTD and T/C.