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I need a flow meter in a 14" pipe that works only when the security valves take action on a multiple line crude receiver. What type recomend? I think that platine is not good for this application. Thanks.
Simply shut on/off the reading as per the valve open/close. Orifice plate should be adequate. It may be wise using quadrant edge instead of square edge plate. Shell has done immense amount of work about quadrant edge. Platinum, why ? I doubt your orifice plate supplier will have such unusual option. Hastalloy ' C ' is very resitant. The most resistant to abrasion was some years ago " Stellite " (kind of carbide), very difficult to cut. Good design for orifice plate should include facility to remove the plate any time. Then regular preventive maintenance will allow for changing the plate. Considering this point, you may then use ordinary stainless steel.