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Travis Simmons

I need an accumulating type flowmeter (for interface to a PLC) for ammonia, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Wayne Shimanis


If Ammonia is in liquid state, I suggest looking into a noninvasive transit time meter. I have had great success with Polysonics DCT-1088 in a wide range of applications.

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Steve McAlpin

Hi Travis,

We use a magnetic flow meter in our water treatment plant to monitor flow. it has a accumulative option associated with it. they are called Tiger Mag's. The company is called Sparling Instruments and you can find them @
http://www.sparlinginstruments.com/http://www.sparlinginstruments.com/ . Hope this helps you out they seem to be pretty good meter. Our plant has
been online for about 6 years and we have had very little problems with them.