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Mark Hill

Hi all;
Anyone know of a firm capable of conducting Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Surveys in the eastern USA and firms with Ultrasonic Flow Meters for short term rent?

Mark Hill, President
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Call Panametrics and Controlotron and ask them for suggestions on contractors. They may even provide this service themselves.

Assuming it is closed pipe measurement you are looking for, of course.

If not, let me know, because there are "lots" of open channel flow study companies in the Northeast.

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Thanks Walt.

Your assumptions (as usual !!) are correct. I'm looking for information re closed pipe (non-intrusive) systems. I'll try Panametrics and Controlotron. Any other ideas ?

Mark Hill
There are a couple of other transit time flow meter manufacturers who make portable devices...including Fuji and PolysonicsThermoWhatever (companies who change names more regularly than once ever decade really annoy market analysts, you know?) and some others...but most of the people who do flow surveys use either a Panametrics portable or a Controlotron portable. Between the two, they have over 50% market share, easily.

Thanks Walt.
I don't have much choice then.
Guess I'd better research these two manufacturers, then attempt to locate a rental agency.