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Ritchie Jones

I am looking for suggesstions for a low cost flow rate sensor for waste water applications.

Wayne Shimanis

Depending on your level of suspended solids, we have always had good luck with Thermo Polysonics DFF-5088 Doppler flow moniter.

Wayne Shimanis
Vortex Technologies
try to use insertion type mag meter from signet if liquid is suitable to mag technology. or else you can try vortex provided liquid is clean and less viscous. it really depends on the process characteristics

Bob Peterson

It is relatively free of particulates there are a number of manufacturers of paddle wheel type flow meters (GF-Signet is one) that would work fine.

If it has a high solids or particulate content, there is nothing low cost available.

Bob Peterson
Actually, there are several low cost vortex meters, including one or two that are priced to compete with paddlewheels. Fluidyne, Signet and Asahi America make them. As long as the solids are not grotesquely abrasive, and the Reynolds number stays above 8000 or so, the vortex meters will work.

This of course assumes a full pipe with very low percentage air or gas entrainment.

If the pipe is not full, there is no pipeline flowmeter that is inexpensive that will make the measurement. There are pipeline flowmeters that will make the measurement: partially-full magnetic flowmeters...but they are not cheap.
ABB, Endress+Hauser, Krohne and ISCO make them.

Walt Boyes

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